Alvarez Artist Series AC70 Review (2018) | Decent Acoustic

Alvarez Artist Series AC70 Review (2018) | Decent Acoustic

Alvarez’s Guitar: In the Alvarez Guitars Series of Alvarez, AC70 is a good-looking guitar with a voice to match. It carries together with the expertise and worth which will offer a guitar learner that not only appears decent but plays fine and sounds fantastic.

Alvarez Guitars – Review on Artist Series AC70 Review

Alvarez Artist Series AC70 Classical Guitar

Alvarez Artist Series AC70 Classical Guitar


According to Alvarez Guitars, the bright finish has 9-layers and takes twenty days to put on. Yet, the finish is still very slender so it does not constrain the sound of the guitar. However, it further enhances the appearance. On the back and sides, the rosewood certainly is eye-catching under this finish.

The bridge is Alvarez’s bi-level system. This means the string block and saddle are assembled at different heights. This design is to guarantee that there is an abundant downward force on the saddle. You can have it even if it has to shave-down in the set-up process. Hypothetically, it sounds good. However, if a lot of material removed from the saddle, the strings will touch the bridge before they reach the saddle. The case is not part of the price tag, so you have to buy it separately. 


The AC70 is the nylon conventional guitar of the Artist Series. This beautiful acoustic is the entry-level line of Alvarez Guitars. ‘A’ grade solid Sitka spruce is for the top of the instrument, and this is hand selected from quarter-sawn wood. Rosewood is the usage for the back and sides as well as for the bridge and binding. A lovely wood mosaic rosette surrounds the soundhole.

With a rosewood fretboard, the 19 fret neckline is made of mahogany and has a 2.05” real bone nut. It is associated with the body with a dovetail neckline joint. Six die-cast open gear tuning machines and the Alvarez logo augment the usual traditional headstock. To capitalize on the soundboard, the hand polished scalloped X-bracing system is shifted frontward. A solid maple bridge plate assists to preserve the vigor and toughen the structure of the body. The scale length of this AC70 is 25.6”.

Alvarez Artist Series AC70 Classical Guitar

Alvarez Artist Series AC70 Classical Guitar


The AC70’s sound output is a brilliant showcase of a true traditional guitar kind. The instrument carries reliable rich tones backed up with mellow depth packing. This has optimum stability between it's bass and treble ends. Whether you moderately thump at its strings, or you call for a dominant tone punch; this artwork answers in harmony to your needs.

During the preparation of this instrument, nothing was spared and sacrificed. The playability and ease are at a sufficient level just as the remaining features. You can discover its complete potential for hours on end in your play sessions. Further, it creates sounds complementing the unique character to your style.


The bright finish certainly makes the wood grains pop to make this a very attractive guitar. This guitar offers a much better feeling than the typical entry-level price. The AC70 is not just good at its appearance, but also sounds really good. The guitar projects well with a stable response. Both the treble and bass strings sing with identical precision.

The AC70 no longer appears on Alvarez’s website. They have replaced by the AC65 which is very analogous, but with cedar top and mahogany back and sides. However, many retailers such as offers it on their stock. If you want the bell-like response of rosewood they go for an AC70.


  • Beautiful build and feel.
  • Good value for the price.
  • The excellent finish that shows off the wood without dampening the guitar’s voice.


  • Be careful to check the bi-level bridge after the guitar has been set-up.
  • No longer in production.
  • Does not include a case.

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