5 Best Condenser Microphones For Youtube (2019) – Reviews

Best Condenser Microphones For Youtube: Youtube is the most used website for watching the videos, songs, movies, web series, etc. It also acts as the tutor for many users like students, music lovers, or for any technical issues of mobiles solving videos, etc. The most important thing about the videos on youtube is the video quality should be good enough to watch. Along with the video quality, the video should have a good audio quality. So, you need have the best Condenser Microphones for Youtube to look at the videos with interest.

Here, in this article, we provide you the top 3 best Condenser Microphones for Youtube that you can buy. So, go through the article and choose the microphone that you want for youtube videos. Moreover, you should also know the design features, technical details, performance reviews, etc. Therefore, let's have a look at the below list of best condenser microphones for youtube.

Reviews of Best Condenser Microphones for Youtube

#1. BlueYeti - Best Condenser Microphone

The Blue Yeti is one of the best condenser microphones for youtube. It is unique by offering a variety of things for youtube. It includes Vocal Recording, Instrumental Music Recording, Field Recording, Interviews, etc. The Blue Yeti comes with a sum of Try Condenser Capsules, and they are capable of recording the sound everywhere without any performance issues. It is a multi-pattern USB microphone, and the patterns are best to catch the sounds from every side of the microphone. Then coming to the technical details, it comes with a unique modular design that offers real-time recording monitoring. It also includes gain control, mute access, zero-latency headphone output, plug and play operation and much more you like.

The three condenser capsule array which lets you record high-quality audio in almost any situation. The users can switch between Cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo patterns for sound recording, which is a major benefit. Even though the stereo mode of the mic is close to the omnidirectional, but it is more selective.

Moreover, when coming to the hardware parts, it has two ports, a USB port that powers the device. And as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack that lets you actively listen to the recorded videos or audios. Additionally, the mic has a sampling rate of 16 bit at a 48kHz. However, it is a pretty sensitive microphone, and it also has a fair bit of background noise as well. It just allows sound from the right and left to give the surrounding effect. Nevertheless, you will most likely use the cardioid mode for vlogging. This USB microphone comes with a little stand and the option for folding that will enable easy positioning and transport. Another important information that makes it as one of the best condenser microphones for Youtube is its compatibility. That is suitable for both the Windows and Mac.


  • It has four particular polar patterns.
  • The mic has a tri capsule design.
  • You can instantly mute.
  • It is latency free for monitoring.

#2. Audio Technica AT2020 - Best USB Mic

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a large diaphragm condenser mic among all the best condenser microphones for Youtube. It is the perfect tool for entry-level engineers who want a professional level recording. Whether you want to record vocals, acoustic guitar, or even horns, this microphone is one of the top 3 best condenser microphones for youtube. It is also a perfect solution to your sound and recording list as well. The AT2020 is Plug and Play Cardioid Condenser microphone that doesn't need any software or phantom powers to install. You just need to plug it to your system and record your youtube videos with less effort. As this is a Cardioid Microphone, you can speak or sing only in the front of the mic.

This mic is the best option for all Youtube purposes and also if you want to record a commentary or voiceover on video. Therefore it is the best USB microphone for youtube commentary. It is also cheap and best mic among the best condenser microphones for youtube.

The frequency response of this mic is 20Hz to 20kHz, which is quite impressive as it offers plenty of bass extension. If we talk about the sound quality, the Audio Technica AT2020 is the excellent one. As it focuses on much more higher frequencies with the lesser base, results in the smoother effect. The cardioid polar patterns can reduce the pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, thereby improves the isolation of the desired sound source. The main reason for its price is it offers only the cardioid mode which is the perfect sensibility pattern for vlogging. The mic does not include any mute switch, volume control or headphone output. The sound quality of this condenser microphone is amazingly good for both vlogging and podcasting.


  • The quality of the microphone is good.
  • The design is versatile.
  • It has a 10dB pad which is flat and has a roll-off switch.
  • It lacks in the brightness settings.

#3. Blue Snowball - Condenser Microphone for Youtube

The Snowball USB condenser mic is a perfect pick for anyone who is looking for the best condenser microphones for youtube. The design of the microphone is shaped like a ball and sports a very sleek look. The bottom of the mic has a threaded metal hole which can be used at tripod's base. The Blue Snowball USB mic offers a great sonic flexibility as it uses two capsules for audio recording. Instead of a stereo recording, the mic sticks to the monophonic recording while the other capsule is used for cardioid recording. This mic produces audio with a wide dynamic range, while the final output is clear as it can get. The microphone is suitable for Youtuber's who are looking to enhance their videos while keeping within budget with the condenser microphones for youtube.

The Blue Snowball is mostly built out of plastic with a metal grill, in a move to keep the costs down. It has three recording settings which are located at the back of the mic. The users can easily switch between Cardioid, Cardioid with -10dB pad and omni directional polar patterns.

Additionally, the microphone has a sampling rate of 16-bit at 44.1 kHz. The Snowball mic is an inexpensive microphone. While you are using the cardioid mode, you seem to get the full frequency response. However, the omni directional mode looks pretty hard to recommend as the audio becomes tinny and unpleasant to the ear. It is also suitable for podcasts, vocals, interviews and other vocal works. The Snowball is a plug and play microphone and has a multi-pattern feature that allows you to record your youtube videos from every side of the mic. It is the best option for voice over on video, can record multi-person session or group singing on youtube as well. The microphone contains the plenty of features that offering you to admit it to your youtube video. Therefore it ranks as one of the best condenser microphones for youtube.

Therefore, you can choose the condenser microphones for youtube carefully based on these reviews.


  • It has a dual condenser capsule for multiple environments.
  • The microphone is also suitable for vocals, music, and gaming.
  • It has an alterable metal mic stand and USB cable.
  • Moreover, the frequency response is 40Hz - 18kHz.

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