3 Best Subwoofers Under $100 Reviews 2019

Best Subwoofers Under $100: The Subwoofers are nothing but specialized speakers which can produce low pitched sounds. It is the most used device for any home entertainment setup. You will feel the theatre in your home with the Best Subwoofers Under $100. So, here in this article, we give you the best subwoofers under $100 for best audio effect in the home. You should also know the features and cost of these subwoofers with good reviews.

best subwoofers under 100

best subwoofers under 100

Along with the features, you can also know how to choose the best subwoofers under $100 that are available. Presently, there are some good subwoofers, but you need to choose the best one. Therefore to make you comfortable, we have listed the top 3 best subwoofers under $100. So, let's have a look at them before purchasing the woofers.

How to Choose The Best Subwoofers Under $100

To get the best subwoofers under $100 at least you need to check the following features. So that you can have the product for a longer period.


When you are going to buy the best subwoofers under $100 for you home, then you need to check the two specifications. They are Driver size and Power. First, we will discuss the power, a 1000 watt subwoofer no reason to play louder than a 100-watt subwoofer. May be the watt rating a rough guide to know how loud a subwoofer might be able to play. But it doesn't need to be much louder. You can always control the volume. Therefore, watt ratings are not a complete judge of a subwoofer's performance. They are the just easily findable specifications. Therefore, you need to check other factors to consider.

Driver Size:

It is the main important aspect to choose because based on your home size you can buy the best subwoofers under $100. The driver size should be good enough to have a large number of files. The subwoofers are the boxes, which can easily fit even under a table. The device needs to have some space behind the cabinet to perform better. Ideally, a 12-inch driver will have a decent size box, while an eight-inch driver will have a smaller box. The only problem is, bass waves are long, so the driver has to work hard to produce the waves in volumes by which you can hear. If the driver size and the cabinet size goes down, the power consumption will be high to compensate.


The cheat seat for woofer placement is, placing the subwoofer against the wall which will add a little bit of volume. If you put it in the corner, it will add a bit more volume. So, the best subwoofers under $100 need to be placed in apt location have a clear and quality sound. Even you can position the woofer at your listening position then crawl along the wall till it looks the best. You may be amazed how different the bass sounds just a few feet apart. You may get lots of bass sounds in one place, and then you may move just a few feet forward so that nothing will be heard. So that the low-frequency bass waves are so long, they interact with the room itself.


Some of the subwoofers and receivers have room EQ processing mechanism. It will play test tones through your speakers and subwoofers and generates a room-specific equalizer setting. By which, these can help to minimize peaks in the frequency response. They are not cheap, underpowered woofers like big high powered one.

Latest Best Subwoofers Under $100

#1. Polk Audio PSW10

The Polk Audio PSW10 ranks as the top most one in the best subwoofers under $100. The device is so attractive and provides quality sound along with a sleep appearance. This Polk PSW10 subwoofer uses the latest audio technology to create a sound that is perfect for anyone for their home theater system. It can produce the frequencies according to the mid and high frequencies of your home theater system. This woofer gives you the best viewing experience for movies, games, and TV to a higher level of enjoyment. It has a built-in high current amplifier for big bass, and the Polk Audio PSW10 is the right choice among all the best subwoofers under $100. It can remove the distortions even at the maximum volume levels so that you can have maximized bass production for a powerful sound.


  • The price is also reasonable.
  • The audio system of the device is transparent.
  • It consumes less power than other subwoofers.
  • The woofer is available in many colors which suit any decor.
  • It has easily accessible stereo outputs and inputs.
  • Moreover, it has smart and superior sensing technology.
  • Due to the ten firing drivers, you will get the best sound even at low volume levels.
  • It is the only device in best subwoofers under $100 which gives multiple year complete warranty.


  • The device is thick which is 32 pounds.
  • It has less number of ports.
  • The system lacks a direct input system.
  • It has limited connectivity mostly works with systems from Polka.
  • The device is not sustainable.
  • Not suitable for larger rooms.

#2. Acoustic Audio CS-PS8-B

The Acoustic Audio CS-PS8-B is an excellent front firing subwoofer is among the best subwoofers under $100. The device does not consume more power. And also the system is not so costly so everyone can buy it. However, there are some issues with this device, but they don't matter much to consider. It has some of the features like sub harmonic enhancement, more filter options, and sometimes remote functionality. The speaker has auto signal sensing and tunable crossover which is present on each option. The audio setup of the device is meant for a living or entertainment room, elevating each speaker to the same level as the furniture regarding design.


  • This woofer is easy to clean, and the design is minimalist.
  • It has built in automatic signal sensing feature.
  • The loudspeaker has a removable grille.
  • It has variable low pass frequency crossover of 40-104 Hz.
  • It gives 300 Watts power output in cabinet amplifier.


  • The intrusive acoustic audio branding is on the front.
  • The cut-off frequency is 26Hz.

#3. Dayton Audio Sub-800

The Dayton Audio Sub-800 can fit easily into any room. The device is suitable for both music and movies. This loud speaker has built in amplifiers, high and low-level inputs and high-level outputs. These features offer a simple way to connect to an external speaker set. The auto on/off switch helps you to know whether the subwoofer is in use or turned off. This powered subwoofer system the perfect among the best subwoofers under $100 to any home theatre system. Moreover, it also has some sub features like bottom firing, flared port, bass reflex for reduced port noise and increased bass response. The onboard connectivity of this subwoofer makes it easy to add and easy to adjust solution.


  • The down firing flared port is a powerful bass and easy to clean.
  • You select and set to Auto-On mode.
  • It is a heavy duty long throw eight-inch woofer.


  • This device is not suitable for the larger rooms for music purpose.

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