Best Office Chairs 2019 to Reduce Back Pain

Best Ergonomic Office Chair: Sitting for a prolonged period in the office can create a very bad back pain or can even worsen the existing one. In the office, we are in static posture for a long period that is causing severe pressure in the lower part i.e in the back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

if we will say in particular then it creates a large amount of pressure in the back muscles and spinal discs. In such case, the only thing that we can do to get a perfect lumbar support is to change for the Best Ergonomic Office Chair.

​Best Ergonomic Office Chair

​Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Being glued to a chair for a long period of time can worsen the back pain problem as well as increase the chances of diseases like heart attack, chest pain and mnay more. People those who are working in offices and are sitting in the office for around 8-9 hrs daily are at the risk of getting problems like spinal misalignment, numbness, neck pain, joint pain, and herniated discs.

The main reason behind this is the use of uncomfortable chair which is unable to give your spinal cord a perfect support. You probably do not think its important to spend much for office chairs, but an ergonomic chair is one of the best investment for your comfort, health as well as best productivity.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

Best Ergonomic Chairs are the tools that are meant to maximize back support while you are working in the office for a long period of time. These chairs are generally very good at lumbar support and maintain a good posture while sitting. Buying best ergonomic office chairs is not enough. These office chairs need adjustment according to individual's body size so that it will increase comfort by reducing aggravation to back pain.

While you are setting up these ergonomic chairs first thing you should do is set the hair according to individual's desk or workstation. And it depends mainly on individual who is using the chair and the type of work he is doing. Here in this article, we will cover up the Best ergonomic office chair for you workspace those will counteract neck and lower back pain and gives the best lumbar support.

#1.Embody Chair by Herman Miller

If you are not running with a certain budget then go for Herman Miller's Embody Chair. The original Aeron chair creator Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber designed this chair to make sitting easier with the back as well as the spine for a long time. 

The most important feature of this chair is that the back of this chair is also movable along with your body. Thus it keeps your spine aligned and also gives a great lumbar support. In this case, you need not do any adjustment by yourself.

It is indeed an amazing chair that has been rewarded with many prestigious awards that include the Silver award from NeoCon along with the Best of Tech award.

#2.Steelcase Gesture Chair

This is also one of the finest award-winning ergonomic chairs for your workstation. This office chair is designed for all type of natural body positions and sizes protecting and supporting the back and neck. Steelcase Gesture Chair implements exclusive LiveBack technology that adjusts to the body naturally according to neck and spine movement.

Generally, all the office chairs do not give you much freedom for movement. But human body tends to change position to get natural comfort even though on chairs. This office chair accommodates your body with full natural comfort. The arms of gesture chair can spin in 360-degree motion providing your arm full support in any direction.

It is not only meant to height adjustment but also you can adjust the force that offers to your back. With all these facilities this ergonomic office chair becomes softer and firmer giving you a relaxed body irrespective of what you have gone throughout the day.

#2.Steelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite

#3.Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf designed this Herman Miller's Aeron Chair. This is the first ever office chair that features a woven seat without a foam cushion at the back. Biomorphic principles of the body that is needed for an ultimate comfort of the body is implemented with Aeron chair. 

Its back which is high enough and a head cushion allow you to maintain a correct as well as comfortable posture giving rest to your head.Herman Miller's Aeron Chair is available with size A, B, and C with a primary aim to provide great support and comfort to your body.

#3.Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair, Adjustable Vinyl Arms

#4.Haworth Zody chair

Haworth Zody chair is the firts ever ergonomic chair that has received approval from the American Physical Therapy Association. Its main aim is on science as well as ergonomy. And these fetaures keeps it apart from other office chair meant for lower back pain.

A unique asymmetrical adjustment system designed by Michigan’s University is the main quality of Haworth Zody chair. This technology will allow you to adjust the chair according to your problem area like the lower body part. This gives comfort to body.

Its provides a pelvic support that helps you to maintain perfect spinal alignment. An arrangement of the headrest is also available which is optional though. If anyone prefers to lean back. Its standard chair adjustment feature includes adjustment of tilt, seat height adjustment, tension management etc.

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#5. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Leap Fabric Chair is one of the widely selling ergonomic office chairs. This is a reliable as well as a comfortable product. The Steelcase’s patented LiveBack technology is the highlighted quality of this lumbar support chair. The chair design is in such a way that it mainly concerned for the perfect shape of your back. It keeps you cozy for a longer period giving a perfect and correct posture to your body. So that you can keep a focus on your work with a pain-free and comfortable neck and back.

The chair is designed in such a way that each of its parts is flexible enough. i.e starting from upper back to lower back, and the arms rest to the boarder of the seat, Starting from seat's height to its depth. When it comes to price, then you will not get a chair better for back pain than steel case leap fabric chair.

Best Office Chairs To Reduce Back Pain This is the chair for back pain that is made of leather which is quite environmentally friendly. Its BIM Activated lumbar pivots as you continuously move to get lumbar support. It has padded armrest and that is also adjustable according to your demand with the push button.

Whereas its convenient cable actuated levers is helpful in controlling lift and lock-out features. While a cable supported lever is helpful enough for controlling their move from the chair.

The technology meant for correct body posture enables you to tilt the pelvis forward when you lean. This gives your body a natural comfort avoiding extra pressure on your spinal disc and promote spinal movement.

#7. Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

When it comes to staying cool as well as active throughout the day without neck and back pain, then Alera Elusion Swivel Chair is the best reviewed ergonomic chair. This chair's cushion is designed so that one can adjust it's according to body shape demand with premium upholstery and waterfall edge. This technology is to reduce pressure on your legs whereas its supportive back is meant to encourage a better and correct posture to reduce back and neck pain.

Unlike other chairs, it does not feature much adjustment facility. It will allow you to adjust force along with the height of the seat and arm width according to your body shape and size. You will get a professional as the well environment friedly work station at a very fair price.

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black

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