Top #15 Best Laptop for Ableton 2019 (Updated List)

Best laptop for Ableton: We all have been quite familiar with the music on the internet and you tube music Bolger’s. In recent years it’s been obvious that lots of people are using software for generating high class music. Before you scroll down to this article we would like to provide you an information about the software which recently is very much popular among musicians and music composer.

The answer for this software if Ableton and yet again the software requires a high end configuration for its installation. This is top music production alteration and generation of a good music. The idea of using this software is so vast and fast in majority of the people and useful for lot of music beginners and small music Production Company. Before you think of installing this software in your system.

there are few specification which one need to consider to safeguard its use and generate potential music. In this article I will be providing my readers with a hassle-free option to select and chose the option from below mentioned 7 laptops categorized under most suitable laptops for software Ableton.

Before reading down be very specific for certain things to consider before selecting a laptop like windows operating system, processor, RAM, hard disk and other major aspects in the same. Let's talk about each separately for the minimum requirement of the configuration of the laptop which is being considered for installing the Ableton software.

In this article I have first listed the minimum 10 system requirement for this particular software:

The software specifically talks about its installation requirement on its official website. Let's start with windows:

The software can be installed in the Windows 7, Windows 8 and in Windows 10 with

64bit Intel core processor and AMD multi-core CPU. The main processor of the system should be i5 which mainly is recommended as a fast processor to run the software.

The minimum RAM requirement is 4GB RAM and 8GB more is recommended for fast processing and more space.

Let me describe more about the MAC configuration:

The Mac operating system should be 10.11.6 updated and later. The Intel should be with duo core CPU and yet again the i5 CPU should be recommended. An expandable RAM recommended is 8GB RAM and minimum RAM requirement in Mac in 4GB. 

Like written around about the requirements of the system for installation of Ableton it's very much needed to have an Intel Core i5 processor CPU and 8GB RAM maximum to run this software for your use.

In case you find this specification pretty much difficult to get in channelized in your system I here have listed top 7 laptops suitable for installing this software in your system and install. The major problem associates with this software are in installing this software in your system because the live running of this software itself has a high demand for system configuration. Overall the system requires dominating configuration to run this software live in it. Now let’s start with the following listed laptops for getting a better option of the laptop to run this software.

Processor: the need for a good processor is so much important. And the most critical component is Processor while picking a laptop for software Ableton is a processor of a system. The meaning of this CPU is a computer-intensive program and this good processor only provide a good plugin to run this software in the system. The problem in such a system that it allows to drain the battery of a system very fast. And this usually happens then the usual expected time. Therefore a good processor and powerful is needed to install this software which is very effective and power-efficient also.

Currently, Intel i7 CPUs andRyzen 7 CPUs are the most suitable processor for installing the Ableton software and this is present in few of the respective brands I have listed down. For advice, I would like to write and suggest to find a processor in the laptop whose configuration ends with u. the efficiency power of Intel Core i7-8550U and AMD Ryzen 7 2700U CPU ranges between 12-25W of power which is best for an instant.

Now let me describe more about the RAM of the system which is needed for such configuration:

RAM: The most eligible RAM is 8GB and this space is mostly recommended for running this software Ableton in your system. In this article, a summary and sandwich of lopstopswhose RAM range between 12 GB to 16 GB have been listed with DDR4. This all has been written with pricing and other specification and you can select it depending on your budget. This has been written as specifically as you can change it with additional RAM as per your requirement. But remember a RAM space is very much required for running an Ableton software smoothly in your system.

Hard Disk: Another Major aspect which one need to think of taking under consideration before buying a laptop suitable for installing software for its use is Harddisk of the laptop. Since the Albeton software requires great strength and space to get installed in a system one need to get a laptop which must have an expandale SSD to expeince a smooth running of Ableton.

Generally, it's been observed that the SSDs are very musch costly once we need it to install extra in a laptop. Generally, it charges much more than the usual 7200RPM HDD. We can consider it at $45 approximately for 1TB HDD rather in SSD it will cost approximately around 180 dollars for just a  1TB SSD.

Now the point is why such a difference? So the answer is SSD allows speeds up to 500MB/s for both read and write and HDD gives speed nearly of 60-80 MBPS just for read and write with little effort. For an instant since the performance of both has been written than SSD is not only good for Albelton Software but this also speeds up the functions like application accessing, video and audio processing.

 time booting, and other productive options. I in this article have provided the combination of SSD and HDD laptop suitable for my reader target use. The laptop can be upgraded from HDD to SDD and one can increase the performance of a laptop by doing so exactly like how we change the RAM of the system.

Graphic Card

Graphic Card is just not an essential factor while buying a laptop suitable for an Ableton software but also required for the configuration of other applications in your laptop. There always is specific graphic card in your laptop or system.  So while buying a laptop for your use of Ableton there are various other things also which can be considered while buying a laptop like a graphics card. This card makes your life easy by getting some daily activities done like Internet Browsers, Photo Editors, Making and editing video software and more

Screen Size: this particular aspect is so much important while getting a laptop and gives the buyer a feeling of independence to select laptops in desired screen sizes. There are various benefits and drawbacks of the larger and smaller screen. Likewise in small screen size laptop, the benefits are portability of it due to its less weight but small visuality and large size make clear view but less portability. Fins a right laptop of ideal size is so much essential with the right choice of other specification.  Rather specifically for Ableton software use, we as tech observer and writer recommend the laptop with a larger screen with multiple functions which displays on a single screen. It is pretty much difficult to look everything so clear on smaller screen.

There are actually two type of laptop which runs in market one is Mac and another one is our usual windows versions. My personnel experience is Ableton software version live 10 can easily be installed in both Windows and Mac OS. The prices for installing that in both the type of laptop also does not change for an instant.

All one need to consider their pocket before opting for any one of it. Likewise, the latest version of Apple MacBook Pro 15”; cost for 2300 dollar and the windows laptop with all these specific parameters are present at lesser than twice of the cost of a Mac book pro. It's been noticed that MAC OS laptop has larger and longer functioning capacity than the other traditional and normal version of a windows laptop. Yet again associated with some of the operating issue related to the software of the MAC book OS and the windows laptops are easy to use.

Depending on the reliability of the system we pay the price of the system team and the trust for this brand has increased the price of the laptop tagged with apple icon above it. Though I personally as product reviewer do not find much difference apart from this because the upgraded version of Windows itself has many of the vast variety and can be used with all kind of software.

Other maintained aspect like repairing and installing of paid software’s are also cheaper for windows laptops than Mac IOS pro laptops. Now the time comes after writing the specification for the 7 best laptops suitable for the Ableton software.

List of the 7 suitable laptop best for Ableton:

1.Acer Predator Helios 300:

The Helios 300 from brand Acer is one of the best suitable laptops for gaming running successfully in the market today. If you need a lappy perfectly fit your need to run Ableton smoothly and without any type of hurdle then the name.

 I have written form brand Acer can be perfect choice for you. The rate of this laptop is just under 1000 dollar and is perfect for those who want to play game under this price. This laptop is a resource-intensive targeted laptop which is just not fit for gaming but also useful for installing applications and it’s smooth use. 

This laptop is boon for people who want to use the laptop at very extensive rate and it comes with a Full HD IPS display screen with 15.6-inch in size and LED back lighting inbuilt inside. The laptop has Black and Red theme build around it in appearance. The color of the laptop is backlit accentuated with WASD keys present along with number pad also. The laptop is assembled with metal chassis entirely which makes its body and look strapping in quality and gives a nice attracting look.

There is a proper heat dissipation with Dual fans underneath the laptop which gives a proper cooling property during the extensive use of it. The record is Helios 300 cool during intensive music-making sessions while making it and thus there is any chance of laptop damage due to heat. This dual fan is the most exciting property of this Acer Helios 300 cool laptop. This is being used by Abelton software user at a great extension.

Specification of Helios 300 cool Acer Laptop: on the quality and other specification this laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor feature which is faster processor than modern i7-8550U. Seprately it has a CPU with a 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB of SSD storage offering an extra 2.5” slot where an additional SSD or HDD can be installed depending in the use of the user and operator of the laptop.

The 6GB DDR5 NvidiaGeforce GTX 1060 GPU is the best coupled punch with this laptop because this will enable the running the application of your choice very smoothly and neatly without any hang and lag. And this way you will never find your laptop running slow and asking you to wait for opening the program in your system.

Other additional specifications are: USB with 3.1 (Type-C), USB of 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HDMI with 2.0, and one preinstalled Windows 10 Operating System. The portability features are that you should consider before buying this are:

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is just 2.7KGs in weight coming with a thick bezel around making it best in look and appearance.

#2. LG Glam:

LG glam is my another choice suitable for running the software Ableton for your use and yet again is pocket friendly laptop. This laptop has proven its features and very nicely has counter attacketed on the market of macbook pro with its extraordinary battery life of over 15 hours and weighs at 1.1 Kgs with 15.6-inch laptop full HD screen. The brand LG has developed and launched the Glam laptop version of it which is running amazingly in the market today. 

LG gram Thin & Light Laptop

For an instance the features are looking completely impossible to get other than in Mac book pro but the brand has proven its best quality at bets price. Like Mac developed a laptop of 1 kg , LG has got it done for you at 1.1 kg which is so easy to travel along with. So many brands have tried to get us less weigh laptop but we had to compromise at the size of the screen but LG has offered great size with small weigh of laptop.

The market of laptop boomed when LG gram came to stores with nice screen size of 15.6 inches and great extraordinary look. Gram LG comes with Intel Core i7 8550U power-efficient Quad Core CPU which offers a base frequency of 1.8GHz that can let you go up to 4GHz with Max Turbo Boost. The thickness of LG Gram laptop comes nearly up  to 1.8cm which makes it look great like a sleek notebook coming with Intel UHD 620 Graphics processor. This specification satisfies the need of the user who are so much into use a laptop.

These specification are so great for multimedia purpose use and dedicated satisfy the need of a gamer and music composer to install the software like Ableton.  Another sore specification of this laptop is 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM coming along with 1TB (2x 500GB) of SSD which gives a great storage. This facility increases the mood of working on this laptop and use the software of our choice.

Now let me write about the other specification of this laptop like the lappy comes with Full HD IPS Touch Screen Display which offers and allows a big and larger viewing angle with an excellent color range that will allow the user to differentiate between various verities of colors of same variety during the use of the Ableton Software specifically.

I gain want to write about the great battery life of the laptop in the recently launched model of 2018 which last up to 16 hours after one time charge. This extensive battery life itself keep the LG gram in the list of my Buy list suitable for running the software Ableton.

This way one can use this laptop to compose its music without any hurdle. Because the target is getting the job done with the choice of the user.

Now let’s talk and write about the other aspects of this laptop like price. The rate on this laptop is 1.8k dollar for Core i7-8550U, 16GB model. And in this price you will be getting on e laptop with excellent screen with touch screen panel, extremely lightweight with big screen size, 1TB SSD of internal storage and one laptop whose battery life close to 16 hours.  This way the laptop can be a great buy for user who can afford the laptop at slight high end of price.

#3. Asus Vivo Book Pro:

In case you find the LG glam slightly at higher end of the cost. This laptop from Asus can be a choice for you due to its features similar with LG Gram. The Asus Vivo book pro comes with Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD for Internal Storage along with a powerful Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU. And all these specifications are coming almost at half of the price of LG Gram written above.

Asus Vivobook Pro has features like large 17.3-inch Full HD display which completely meets the requirement for running the Ableton software live. This is one of the most interesting feature of this laptop from this brand.  This brand provides you a larger and broader screen area to work with and reduces the eyes squinting thus allows to  see all the functions even at smaller  and tiny rate giving the user a chance to run the Ableton software run live.

 In addition the laptop comes with 17.3-inch screen weighing upto 4.6 lbs which makes it so easy to carry and completely portable during travelling. The laptop completely fits into the back pack of the user and be practiced regularly in use. The laptop claims to give a battery life of 8 hours however I personally have not used this laptop so suggest you to carry the charger also in case this makes not to fulfill the same.

The other specifications are backlit keyboard, USB 3.0, USB Type-C, USB 2.0 and HDMI coming with the laptop. This is a best altetnative of LG gram at minimum price.

#4. Apple Mac book Pro:

owing a Mac book has itself its own advantages and it does not have any kind of disadvantage except the price. The price of this Mac book pro is 2799 dollar which is salary of my whole month.  Rather the Mac book comes with 15.4” (2880×1800 Resolution) Screen,6-Core Intel i7 Processor .

Retina, Touch Bar, 2.3GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)

a 16GB DDR4 RAM, one 512GB SSD so additional SSD not required if limited uses are there then and a 4GB DDR5 Radeon Pro 560X which is suitable for graphics.  There are even cheaper version of Mac book which has limited specifications like Intel i7 Processor, Radeon Pro 555X graphics and 256GB of SSD storage. This specification slower the speed of the laptop but suffices the need to run the Ableton Software version live 10.

As described above the SSD can be changed and own when it is need. This change completely depends in the use of the user. For internal storage the user can swap the 256 SSD to higher end and so on.  You can get an external 500GB or 1TB SSD to store of official. 

I store online and apple store and increase your library of music. The feature of lower version of Mac book pro are 500 nits brightness with 4 USB-C ports which allows various connevction and Connection with eGPU and this supports up to 2 displays with 5K resolution each. Additionally it has 10 hours battery life after single charge and weight of 4lbs.

#5. HP Omen 17T:

this is a mid-range i7 processor laptop from an older generation featured with i7 CPU that cost up to $1000.  This is a 17.3-inch laptop which has been designed specifically for gaming purpose and user who want trust and brand both opt for this particular laptop from HP.  For running

the software Ableton this laptop needs one additional extension and can be great choice for you. The brand as trust among its costumer for excellent customer service and this has made this brand high in demand.

HP Omen 17T has become excellent laptop for the users who considers battery life top and this gives a of over 8 hours. And on other hand this gives an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, which is 29% faster than Intel i7-8550U. Addionally it has 12GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM and Nvidia GTX 1050Ti Graphics Card with 128GB SSD.

 attached with a 1TB 7200RPM HDD. This can easily be swap with another SSD also as and when needed.  Other features which canbe liked about this laptop are Weight of 8.33 lbs and Lower SSD storage which can be changes and swapped as per need.

#6. MSI GS65:

this is apparently a great brand that currently is offering excellent laptops for gaming purpose and official use. It comes with 16GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage and Nvidia GTX 1060 Graphics Processor.

These features have seen in laptops from brand like HP and have an Intel Core i7-8750H CPU. The weight of this laptop is just 4 lbs which makes it very much comfortable to carry with you. It has a larger screen with small laptop look alike feature.  The size of the screen is 15.6-inch and offers 144Hz refresh rate panel with Cooler Boost Trinity technology.

This adds the special feature to this laptop.  Additionally it has a larger track pad with outstanding heat dissipation and slim bezels. Though the price is high but can be given a thought to buy due to its smooth running facility of Ableton. This laptop can be a replacement of Mac book pro 1060 graphics processor present in it.

#7. Dell Xps 9570:

the choice of a laptop completely depends on the performance excellence of a laptop and the price point of the laptop because there should be a affordability while selecting a laptop for your choice.

 However, if your need a laptop which offers you a configuration and performance at excellence for gaming that meets up your need for getting an excellent design with style then you can go and opt  the Dell XPS 9570 offering by brand Dell.

Let me now take you to the specification of the laptop and these are pricing is just at and around 1.5K dollar with 4.41 pounds weight with 14” and 15.6”  size screen coming in full HD. Coming in matte finishing style completely meeting your need of style in sleek appearance suitable for office. The laptop has modest brightness of 400 minutes. And the brightness can be increased and decreased as per need of the user.

The processor excellence are the laptop has Intel Core i7-8750H CPU which has made it powerful because Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card, which is a 4GB DDR5 Max-Q Edition graphics panel present inside it. The model from dell has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage which makes it completely suitable for installing Ableton  in it. The things to notice in this laptop is its extraordinary designs and less weight property.

This way I would my readers to get the information about the excellent features about the software Ableton and its specification to get it installed in your laptop. The only thing which needs to be considered is the RAM, Hard Disk, processor and operating system of a laptop. I have tried my level best to get my redress get the best suitable laptop listing from number 1 to 7 considering the specification and price of the laptop.

 All you need to do now is just sit with your need and match with the specification of the laptop and get it buy form the store and the Amazon. The Acer Predator is laptop of 7th generation and battery life of 7 hours and can easily be bought for Amazon prime customer with discount also. The Same thing applies foe LG Gram which  belongs to the ultra light weight category of the laptop with long lasting battery life of 16 hours on single charge.

This laptop is a fully HD laptop with touch screen specification with multiple thunder input which makes it suitable for Ableton Software specific for the use of the user targeted for gaming and music composing purpose. I would also like you to know and click at price and specification icon which describes well about the product and enables you get a clear picture of the same specific product to know.

The Asus Vivobook can be a great alternative LG gram this way after comparison but the only drawback of this is limited battery life though it has 17.3” screen size of 

8th generation computer in windows an di7 quad-core processor. The space in these laptops can swapped as per the users need an when the user wants to increase the space inside the laptop. The main objective of this article was to provide an information about the musician and new comers about the specific application suitable for their extensive need and demand.  You can choose either of these laptop and fulfill your need of gaming.

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