#10 Best Hiking Men’s Watches Under $100 (2019): Tried and Tested Reviews

Best Hiking Watches Under $100 for men Reviews: Are u looking Best Cheap Watches Hiking that can be fun if managed properly. Proper supplement of equipment and usage items at proper time is important to have a joyful hiking experience. Here, the equipment are not only for a specific usage, but they must be capable of providing different facilities and perform different tasks at once. Such useful deices and equipment are really important in the hiking as there is a great need to manage the wrights and the backpack specially for a more comfortable and thrilling ride.

Best Hiking Watch Under $100 For Men:

It must be noted at this stage that watches are not just dedicated to corporate personnel and businessmen. There is a wide application of watches which is proved with its increased demand in almost every field of life. As the passage of time, the watches are being improved and equipped with new and latest technologies and abilities for a more convenient and versatile usage. For instance the hiking cheap watches for men available in the market can be used for the purpose of knowing the atmospheric pressure of that are, while functioning as a barometer. This feature is very common among the hiking watches nowadays. More features will be described in the later section.

Hiking watches are equally important for the comfortable and thrilling rides as they help to perform various important tasks at once. This must be noted that there are significant needs of an appropriate hiking watch during he hiking. In this guide, we will preset some most useful and ideal watches that can be used during the hiking.

A hiker’s backpack Watches for men/Women

As a point to ponder, the hikers must have a suitable back pack, filled with all useful accessories and equipment so that he or she might experience an easy hiking experience. Mot significant among these equipment are:

  • Knife
  • Match box or lighter
  • Torch
  • Blanket
  • Pillow case
  • Map of the area
  • Air pressure and altitude measurement gauges
  • Compass
  • Directory containing important contact and emergency contact numbers
  • Wireless walkie-talkie
  • Soap, shampoo and a small towel
  • Some spare dresses matching the requirements and weather of the area
  • And of course, A hiking watch.

A hiking watch can serve multiple functions at  a single go and therefore, saves time, money, weight and resources. In his guide we will try to provide information about the most significant and ideal hiking watches in town.





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Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch

Casio G Shock GA-100MB-1AER Mission Black G-Shock Uhr Watch Montre Orologio

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

G-Shock G Rescue Casual Digital Watch

A glance to the amazing features To Look for In A Best Hiking Watch under 100:

Before coming up to the models ad watches available in the market, lets have a look at the most prominent andidea features that you must look for in a hoking watch. These features are very common nowadays and ate specifically dedicated to the hiking watches. Fining an appropriate hiking watch can be a heck if you don’t know what the watches have to offer for you.

So here we go with some prominent features of an ideal hiking watch.


Hiking can be on rocky mountains and river banks as well. The hiker might need to create a contact with water several times during the hiking. Therefore, a significant feature about the hiking watches to look for is the water proof body and casing of the watch. This feature protects the functions and working of the watch even if it gets wet.

You can get the maximum fun and enjoyment from the hiking if you have a water proof watch, as you don’t need to worry about the watch and its components if it gets wet!

Shock Proof

Hiking involves several jumps and bumps and it us rather impossible to have a shock free hiking. Therefore, the watch must be intact and firm to be capable of bearing shocks and bumps. The shock free watches doesn’t get its components detached in case of a shock, making it stable and convenient.

It is an interesting hing to notice that most of the watches avialbe in the market are shock proof ad durable.


A compass is definitely an important tool for hiking and outdoor task.

The watch must have a compass so you may know the direction of the way you are going. You may also use this compass to direct to the plaes tbt show up in your handy map. This is a feature worth looking, usually available in the hiking watches.


An altimeter is a device that is used to tell the height of something with respect to a specified base level. An altimeter measures the air pressure in the surrounding region to analyze the height of the area in which it is located.

Hikers might to know their height from the sea level as these information help in performing different tasks, especially cooking. This feature can also be obtained from a GPS device, but since many hiking areas lack internet facility, such devices are unsuitable there. At this point the altimeters are ideal. The hiking watches are also equipped with altimeters nowadays.


Just like altimeter, a barometer also measures the air pressure around the presence of the device and tells us about the atmospheric pressure in the area. This helps the hiker in various significant tasks like cooking and boiling etc.

This information also helps the hikers to forecast the whether conditions for a safe and secure hiking. The hiker can forecast a rain or a storm on the way and make useful measures for the weather or choose the way back to home.

Having such information on time can sometimes help to save lives as well. Therefore, a hiking watch must have a barometer to help in thus situation.


It is very important for a hiker to know about the temperature of the area for a safe journey. The hiker may stuck somewhere in frost and wild if it is very cold. Therefore, a thermometer must be present in the hiker’s kit. This can be even more convenient if the hiker has a thermometer in his hiking watch. This is not only feasible but also saves space and resources.

An ideal watch is one which has all such equipment in it. The watches present in the following sections are those which are more or less equipped with all of these features.

Best Mens Hiking Watches Under $100

Here we go with the list of best hiking watch under $100. These are the most recommended and highly rated watches in the market. Amazing people at low prices.

1. Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

The triple sensor Casio hiking watch is a true replacement of all the tools describes above. This is the only product in the list that contain all the features described above. Now you don’t have to worry for some more equipment if you have this device in your wrist.

With an elegant and smart look, the watch not only features these abilities but also has a convenient alarm setting. The user can set upto 5 alarms in a day. There is a stopwatch and a countdown feature as well. The watch also supports a calendar!

The watch is extremely durable and feasible. It is specially designed for outdoor tasks so you can have a thrilling and worry free hiking experience with his hiking watch.

Some important features about this watch are as follows:

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Casio Men's ProTrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor Watch

  • The watch is water resistant and can bear waters upto 330 feet which is actually very high
  • Altimeter, barometer, digital compass and thermometer
  • 3 years battery life with a smooth and efficient working

2. Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch

The Timex expedition includes all stuff that is ideal for the outdoor workings. This amazing digital compass hiking watch includes all features and abilities, you may expect from a feasible and comfortable hiking watch.

Whether it be a stormy hiking or a soother one, the watch plays a well role every time. Being durable in all aspects, the watch has successfully survived multiple outdoor torture tests. This amazing watch is highly water poof and can bear upto 660 feet of water level. As a usual case may be, the hiker doesn’t need to go such down in waters ever! A hiker stuck in storms is highly relieved if he has a water proof watch in his wrist which is not only a watch but has several amazing functions in it as well.

The digital compass of this watch is a nice add to the amazing usability of the watch. Featured with a nice luminous watch dial, the Watch can be read easily in darks as well. The watch is a nice add to the hiker’s backpack.

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch Olive/Black

  • Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial
  • It Contains Well Designed Digital Compass
  • This watch is Designed For Outdoor Torture Tests

3. Casio 100MB G-Shock

Although the Casio G-Shock watch doesn’t have all of the above features in it, the watch is capable o providing a nice hiking experience with some amazing features t an astonishing price.

This watch is a must add in the kit of a casual hiker’s watch. It doesn’t have any altimeter, barometer or a compass in it. But since, the need an requirements vary from person to person , the watch is a nice hiking watch.

It is for sure, the most durable watch in this whole section. The watch has passed several torture tests. Throw whatever you want to on it, or drop it from any height or surface, the watch is able to resist and avoid a simple scratch as well.

The watch has large dial, making it look odd for some users as well. But despite of the large size, the watch weighs very low. The watch also features a multipurpose alarm setting, dial backlight

This watch is large and rugged, but not in a bad way. Despite its large size, the G-Shock is pretty lightweight. In addition, it features a multi-function alarm and a backlight, for easy reading in the dark.

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

CASIO G-SHOCK "Military Black Series" GA-100MB-1AJF JAPAN IMPORT

  • System unit size (H X W X D) mm:55.0*51.2*16.9
  • Band (mm):145-215mm
  • System unit weight:72 g
  • It contains Backlight:LED light

4. Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

Timex expedition has made a break through in the world of technological watches with its Grid Shock hiking watch.  For all those who love technology, the watch has  great reputation.

Lets look at some most prominent and basic features of the Timex expedition Grid shock watch. The watch can bear water intensity or upto 330 feet i.e. you can go yo about 330 feet deep into waters with this watch and the watch wont get affected to a single extent!

It is highly shock resistant and there are many materials that the watch resists successfully including rocks, glass and blades. The large screen dial of the watch might seem insecure, but it can clear all tests  of wear and tear without getting a single scratch.

A prominent feature of the watch is the hydration alarm which helps the hiker to maintain the water plan during the hiking, which is very important for a safe and healthy hiking experience. Due to excitement, there are many people who forget to have proper hydration during the journey. This may lead to severe mishaps. Therefore, the watch helps people through its hydration alarm to help people to get proper hydration.

The watch is a great break through amongst the popular traditional watches at an afgprdqble rate! Never ignore its presence on any shelf of any syote.

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Timex Grid Shock Digital Black Dial Men's Watch

  • The watch is water resistant and can bear waters upto 330 feet which is actually very high
  • Altimeter, barometer, digital compass and thermometer
  • 3 years battery life with a smooth and efficient working
  • Stainless Steel Top Plate
  • Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Vibration Alarm & Hydration Alerts

5. G-Shock G Rescue Casual Digital Watch

G shock might indicate its excellence here. Another amazing product of the G Shock mamyfacturers have  made it to the list.

The Rescue series is highly durable and shock resistance. The company says that the watches are touvjer than a box on nails. The great watches can bear eater intensity to as  low as 660 feet, which in incredible! The watch has a unique four-point protection system which helps you to protect the watch. These buttons are large and accessible, and are made up of durable material to avoid wear and tear.

The elegant watch dial shows a tide and moon data. This is a very new features introduced by the G Shock in the Rescue series. This watch is a great tool for the hikers who have been to watery areas or have to spend time in waters, more then usual.

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

G-Shock G Rescue Casual Digital Watch

  • It Also includes chronograph with 12 and 24-hour formats
  • 50 mm resin case with mineral dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with digital display
  • It Also Contains Water resistant to 200 m (660 ft):

6. Casio SGW400H Sport

This amazing Men’s watch is a 18 sport multi-function grey dial watch. It is a newer and better model of the Casio SGW1000. This one is cheaper and more realistic with some additional features as well. Fr hoe wo re looking for amarbellling hiking watch at affordable rates, this watch is a great answer to such people.

As a dual sensor watch, the watch featytes the altimeter and the barometer. This watch doesn’t own a compass, so the hiker already having a compass can save a great sum of money by eliminating a single tool.

The watch is so light in weight, weighing only 1.6 pounds. This wont even indicate its presence on your wrist, making it more feasible, portable and convenient.

The amazing Casio SGW400H is a great product for hikers, who want to enjoy all features of a hiking watch except a compass at a very reasonable and surprisingly low rates. The watch costs just $119.70 and is available easily in the market and online as well.

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Casio Men's SGW400H-1B Sports Black Watch

  • Best Quality Product For Men
  • Water Resistant
  • Orginal Product From Casio

7. Times Expedition Classic

Especially designed as an alarm timer, the Timex expedition classic digital Chrono alarm timer watch is an amazing product you may find in market at only $33.80.

The watch has a 41mm dial, which save many people as many of the customers don’t like large faces. This helps people who are looking for smaller and classier watches in the market.

This ultra light weighed watch weighs only 27 grams that is equivalent to 0.96 ounces. This can be the smallest hiking watch you may find below $100. Therefore, this watch can be used easily to perform the functions of a normal daily life watch without making it fee over equipped or bulky.

Although this watch doesn’t support Ny of the features of altimeter, barometer and the compass, this watch is a great use of you are just looking for a small high watch.

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Timex Men's Expedition Classic Digital Chrono Alarm Timer Full-Size Watch

  • Casual Outdoor Design
  • Resin Strap with Integrated Mini Compass
  • Durable Resin Case and Strap with Buckle Closure
  • Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial
  • Stopwatch, Countdown Timer & Alarm

Best product for hikers looking for a watch in the market!

So here we end up with the most prominent features of the best low budget watches. Now lets have a look at the highest rayed, best hiking watch available on the market. This can be a bit out of range, but this watch bears every feature one van expect from a hiking watch.

Garmin Fenix:Garmin Fenix 3/4/5plus

The Garmin Fenix Gray watch is available at a cost of $469.95. Yes, its high but the features demand such a value. Lets have a look at its features.

This marveling piece of art is a great add to the hiking back Pack, making it easier and savvier for many people by saving time, money, space and resources. Including the major features of altimeter, barometer and the compass, the watch also hosts several other features in it. Making the watch a great product available in the market.

The watch can indicate the heart rate of the user wearing it. It simply triggers the pulse and blood movement kmside the wrist on which it is tied. It provides the heart rate and helps the hiker to maintain his health easily.

Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Multisport Watch, 47 mm (Black with Black Band)

  • Premium multisport GPS watch with elevate wrist heart rate technology
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Multisport Watch
  • Warranty: 1 year

This watch is also features with some advanced measurement features efficient while running. These may include:

  • Vertical oscillations,
  • Stress score,
  • Stride length,
  • Recovery advisory, and more.

This watch also helps the hiker to have a proper and timed sleep. The sleep tracking technology makes it convenient and effective.

The watch makes accurate measurements of the oxygen level in the area. This makes this product a great idea for use at mountains and at regions with high altitudes.

The watch has different modes to work it. The user can adjust to the modes making it likewise compatible for that mode. These include swimming, rowing, skiing, golfing and more.

This watch may cost a bit higher for the budget restricted people, but the watch has a great to provide to the user and saves him from buying several other devices and equipment, making the right compensation.

Top ten Best hiking watches for Women/Her

An adventurous women is more energetic and enthusiastic then a man. She wants more thrill and fun in the journeys specially while hiking. We should keep a good eye on the accessories which may produce some good results while hiking. We all know that hiking watches are very important and therefore, we have made a separate list of best hiking watches for women. These watches doesn't differ in features but only in appearance which is designed especially for her!

Without any delays, let's proceed with the list of best hiking watches for women. We have conducted a separate survey to come up with the list of best hiking watches for women. So here we go in the descending order.

1.SUUNTO Core Ultimate Outdoor Watch - Steel Bezel

Equipped with the amazing features on GPS tracking and indicating the sunrise and sunset times while showing precise and accurate altitude and air pressure using the altimeter and barometer, this watch is in amazing add to the hiking kit. We  proud to announce that this watch bears all features that you may expect from an ideal hiking watch. This is also a nice solution to the main requirements that can be asked for from a manufacturer to add in an ideal hiking watch.

With a sleek and elegant body design the what is capable to survive in wild Rose and bushes the watch is equipped with Advanced features and accessories that help it to gain a better customer response. In spite, the watch faces a good response from the public an specially women because of it amazing design. There are may exciting reasons to select the Suunto Core. With zmw amazing and unbeatable features to depict and indicate navigation, planning and weather conditions, the watch can be used in multiple domains without the fear of an odd or awkward look.

suunto core watch band

The watch especially equipped with some presided and accurate barometer and altimeter devices which help to create  better and sound hiking experience, as the hiker gets to know about some peculiar information on time. This Amazing watch measures the air pressure precisely and provide important data after manipulating the measurements. The watch can save the sunrise and sunset information of many places in the world. The current count of these places exceed 400 round the globe.

In addition to these, the watch also indicates storms ad upcoming weather calamities through the storm alarm. This information is also gathered through the measurements of the air pressure. The Suunto core hiking watch specially designed for women has amazing colors and body variations available. So the women can choose any of these as per comfort and need  the durable watch makes it easier to hike over the terrains and avoid any material damage to the watch. The watch can also function very properly in low air pressures and in rainy areas since the watch Is waterproof.

This sleek and stylish watch has won the award for being the most reliable and best functioning hiking watch of 2018. There are many amazing tools for consideration in the watch and it is important to mention that the features are specifically dedicated for hikers. This watch can be the best partner in hiking journeys and there are many distinctive features to fascinate the people. Choose the highest rated and top scorer hiking watch for an amazing hiking journey.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Temperature, Storm alarm, Sunrise/Sunset
  • Multiple watch, date and time functions
  • Depth meter for snorkeling
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Weight 2.79 oz

Garmin Fenix 3 hr Review sapphire

Securing the second place in the list of best hiking watches for women, we have the Garmin Fenix 3HR Review. Thid amazing watch never backs any one when it comes to impress ladies with its amazing design. There are many other features companying the watch as well, byt the watch is specially famous for its sleeky and spooky appearance. It must be noticed very clearly that the dull metallic body with some elegant patterns on it gives the watch a cool and attractive look.

The hiking watch has distinctively inspired a large group of people. With specific aim of helping the hikers and adventurous people, the watch is objected to provide as many features as possible. There are built-in basic hiking watch features which include the barometer, altimeter and a precise compass. Be confident about the durability and stability of the product which is proved through a series of quality and strength test. The watch has passed all of these tests and survived under severe conditions and with critical materials as well.

The garmin fenix 3 hr titanium watch is capable to keep their user updated about the real tine information. Any change is triggered immediately and the user is informed about it. There are many ways of choosing a suitable color of the watch, as there are may colors available , specially inclined for females. These colors are everlasting and doesn’t fade or scratch away. Why not choose the most elegant and good looking watch for a female hiker!

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Wrist bases hear rate
  • Black silicon band
  • Depth meter for snorkeling
  • it contains Water rating
  • Wireless connectivity

Casio Smart Watch WSD-F20 Protrek

Adding another amazing device to the list, we now have the amazing and over whelming Casio smart watch. This amazing watch has made it to the 3rd place due to its distinctive and highly advanced features. The amazing watch has secured the third place in this list because of the distinctive features it owns and the elegant and smooth design which it favors. This watch in indeed the best hiking watch for women.

This amazing watch has a beautiful body and the internal features of the dial are so elegantly arranges that it gives a nice and attractive touch to the eyes. Wen are specially attracted due to its designs and colors. There is a variety of metallic shades available for this watch so the adventurous women have a large number of  options to choose a watch from.

With an attractive design, this smart watch has an android support, providing it some features similar to the smart phones. This amazing watch is highly equipped with advanced technology including the GPS tracking and location system. This is highly informative for hikers as it keeps them safe and recoverable incase of any unforeseen incident.

The watch also shows a detailed colored map whochguides the hiker about the way she is going to. With the basic features of altimeter, barometer and compass, the watch also hosts several advanced and next level features which are a proof why the watch stands at the third place in this list. Thus amazing watch has almost everything you may expect and need drom a modern hikers’ watch.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Casio Black Dial Unisex Watch(WSD-F20-BKAAU)

  • Android wear 2.0, gps, mil-standard 810 g durability, 50m water resistant
  • Case Diameter: 61.7mm
  • Up to 25 hours of battery life with GPS on and one month when in Timepiece mode

Garmin Tactix Bravo Review:

Up next in our list is the Garmin Tactix Bravo watch. This amazing women hikers’ watch secures the fourth place in our list, which clearly indicates its high popularity and demand in the market. This amazing watch is not only dedicated for female hikers, byt the design and appearances are so versatile that they even look ideal for male hikers. This makes this watch highly popular in the market.

To look in its amazing features is a bit difficult as the analyst may get co fused of where to start from. From the basic features altimeter, barometer and three axed compass, to the advanced and popular features of durability and resistance, the watch has great to offer at such an amazing price.  The watch is capable to show highly precise and accurate measurements about the altitude and air pressure. There are minute or no deviations found un the measurements.

Next, the watch is highly water resistant and can be easily used by the swimmers and river hikers. The watch has a durable and safe body which makes it capable to survive in harsh climates. The watch can stay intact and working even after sever shocks and falls, making it highly durable and convenient. The watch has an advanced dial which can also be seen perfectly from night vision glasses. This allows the hikers to use the watch easily during the dark hiking nights

Whether it be a dark hiking night or a watery river to cross, the watch cam be the best hiking partner of you. With the attractive design, the watch has successfully impressed all of its users with the astonishing features it owns.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Garmin Tactix Bravo, Black with Nylon Strap

  • Navigation +ABC 
  • Night vision google compartable
  • Wireless connectivity

Citizen Men’s BN5030-06E Altichron Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

As the name indicates, the watch is a masterpiece of one of the leading watch brands of the world. The Altichron Eco-drive titanium watch is one of the most popular watches that hikers prefer. With an intention of creating it  eco-friendly and increasing its life, the amazing watch is made to work on light instead of battery. This makes the watch useable everywhere where light is available.

It has a highly sensitive and versatile altimeter in it. This device us capable to measure a maximum of 32,000 feet of altitude accurately. There is an electronic compass in it which helps to get the directions of the journey perfectly. In addition to these amazing features the watch has amice and beautiful body. The female hikers are specially attracted to this amazing design and body.

The durable and moist resistant body keeps the watch from rusts and protects it from shocks and falls. This watch is made up of a very durable and strong metal known as titanium. Therefore, the noble metal stays lustrous and intact over the years. The versatile watch can be used feasibly for more then 4 years. The beautiful black dial with orange streaks gives it an elegant and fashionable look, enhancing the beauty of the watch.

The straps of the watch are made up of highly stable and comfortable polyurethane. It ensures the maximum comfort and convenience of the user and also plays a part  in the durability. Available in bulk on market at an amazingly low price, the watch has many features to offer at such a low price. This watch is the best companion of the hiker indeed.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Citizen Men's BN5030-06E Altichron Eco-Drive Titanium Black Rubber Strap Watch

  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display
  • Eco-drive is fueled by light so it never needs a battery
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving

Suunto Traverse Alpha Review:

At sixth place in our list, there is a product of Suunto brand again. There are many marveling features which makes this watch popular and recommended. The survey we conducted showed amazing results in favor of the Suunto traverse. The watch is a great add to the hiker’s kit and also hosts several amazing features which Makes it this much popular. This newly launched product has performed greatly in this competitive market and the spot, has achieved sixth place in the list.

The watch shows the sunrise and sunset hours of different areas which widely cover the most popular hiking sites in the world. There are many amazing features in this watch which also include the ability to upload new and latest areas and exploration sites. The watch helps the hikers to spot new places for hiking and also discover more adventurous and amazing places for the next hiking trip.

In addition, the watch also has an advanced GPS tracking system. It provides detailed and accurate location settings and also provide effective tracking management system. These are the most advanced GPS tracking devices ever made. With a very high precision, there is a wide scope and usage. The hikers really recommend this advanced technology of this watch and also choose this watch specifically for the remote hiking.

The watch is also capable to predict the weather and forecast the upcoming storms. The hiker can opt a great safety precaution with this and can also save his life. The watch records the entire progress of the hiking journey and also shows a report about the speeds, distances, altitudes and more. The watch is a great add to the hiking kit and is highly popular among the hikers, specially the adventurous females.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

Suunto Traverse Alpha Review

  • Use GPS Location
  • Follow your Progress with distance and altitude statistics
  • Barometric Trend helps predict weather changes, and storm alarm alerts 

Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire Review:

At the seventh place in thus list, we present the Garmin Fenix 5X. With an exceptional performance and abikutues, the watch offers a great outdoor functionality and provides a highly capable and versatile hiking watch for the hikers. This watch keeps the hiker from buying multiple tools and devices for the hiking, as it has many features to offer at a single little go.

The watch has a multipurpose colored map accompanied with a supportive GPS system. This precise technology gives a great back up for the hiker in case of any emergency or path lost. In addition, there is an LED backed highly readable and nicely managed dial. The dial can be seen easily in nights as well. The watch is capable to survive in various harsh and ambient conditions.

The watch also has a three axed compass which shows the best directions and navigations. There is a highly precise and shard gyroscope, barometer and altimeter. There are many measurement that the watch can carry out easily. There are many advanced features in the watch as well, for instance, there is a durable and resistant body of the watch, which makes it durable and stable. There is a nice looking and managed dial which hosts all the measurements precisely.

This amazing timepiece is a leading product of the market. There are many others features as well. This adzing watch is highly recommended by the female hikers as well. The watch is available at very low price in the market. The hikers can easily choose this watch as the hiker’s companion.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

garmin fenix 5x sapphire review

  • Ultimate multisport GPS watch
  • Built-in navigation sensors include GPS and GLONASS 
  • Put key stats at your fingertips with the performance widget

TomTom Adventurer GPS Multisport Watch

The amazing watch by the TomTom adventurer stands at the 8th place in the list of best hiking watches for women. There are many features this watch has to offer, which is a reason for its high popularity and dead in the market. This is the cheapest watch in this list. This is the most significant watch in the list. The survey shows that people are highly impressed from this amazing watch.

The watch is a sport watch with multi-sport capability. It is able to provide help and assistance in a wide range of activities, the watch has many distinctive features to offer for the hikers. With highly compact structure and components, the device has a highly stability.  The watch can survive multiple shocks and falls. There are many people who use this watch for other then hiking for instance, running, golf etc.

The watch also shows information about the user’s fitness. There are many distinctive aspects the watch can over including the heart beat and pulse of the user. While tied in the wrist, the sensors trigger the blood movement beneath the skin and shows this data. The watch also host the basic features of a hiking watch, that are the altimeter, the barometer and the compass.

This exciting watch also has a built in music player with a loud speaker and the hands-free junction as well. The GPS tracking system adds more beauty to the watch and the lump sum of the elegant body makes it worthy and deserving for the 8th place in the list.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Ultimate multisport GPS watch
  • Built-in navigation sensors include GPS and GLONASS 
  • Put key stats at your fingertips with the performance widget

Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

Another product of the Casio stands at the 9th place in this list. The path finder triple sensor watch occupies the ninth place in this list. With the overwhelming and distinctive features, the watch is able to have a nice public opinion about it self. As a point to notice, this is one of the first watches introduced specially for the hikers in the market. By the time, many modifications  advancements have been done in this watch as well.

The watch doesn’t at all depend upon the battery life. It has a self charging technology, which uses the solar energy to create the power for the battery and the watch components to function non stop. This creates a great ease for the customers who have a longer journey and are worried for a long lasting watch. This avoids the hiker to worry about the low charge of the battery. This charge makes it to create a battery power that can last for 6 months.

With the few and essential components, the watch also hosts many advanced and great features. The watch is also capable to measure the air moisture and provide an information about the temperature and humidity. It also provides accurate information about the altitude and navigations with its basic features. The watch can also support upto 5 alarms for the hiker. In addition a countdown and a stopwatch also favors the watch.

The amazing night backlight enables the user to use the watch for usage in darks. The height hikers might find the watch ideal for usage. The elegant design and the feminist metallic colors make it popular among the female hikers. The addition of a glowing neon backlight in the watch dial in the recent addition is very popular. Enjoy the amazing hiking with the pathfinder triple sensor multi-function sport watch by Casio.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Black solar-powered sport watch with multiple features 
  • Approximate battery life: 6 months on full charge
  • Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft): In general, suitable for 
  • Resin band with buckle closure; Dimensions:57.3 x 50.9 x 15.3mm

Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

Present at the tenth spot in our list, we have the chronograph watch Ny the Timex expeditions. The brand has maintained a nice record of launching hivblg advance and unique watches at the first instance. The chronograph watch is also a product of Timex expeditions, which have made a great market value in a very less time. Accompanied with some amazing features the watch deserve the tenth spot in this list.

Highly popular among both men and women, the watch has a nice and attractive design. The leather strap of the device makes it convenient for the user as it ensures the maximum comfort and grip on theuer’s grip. The classic design of the watch makes it clear and catchy to gain the market attraction. Although the overall appearance of the watch is elegant, het the internal mechanism us highly sophisticated and cant be copied, making the watch unique in the market.

The chronograph watch is not only restricted for the hiking watch menu, but it can also be worn as a casual watch.  The watch has great functions which make it popular and provide it a great sum of expertise. The beautiful chronograph of the watch lasts for 30 mins. There is an indigo light up dial which looks really cool. In addition to this the mazing watch is resistant to water for upto 100m. This makes it useable for river diver as well.

The watch keeps upto the time due to the high precision quartz movement control. Although most watches are capable of this, still the watch has a great to offer for the hikers. The price is affordable for most of the hikers. Since, many of the hikers spend a lot on various tools and equipment, this watch deserves this amount and also offers great features for a marveling hiking journey.

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Chronograph Measures Up To 30 Minutes
  • Nylon Performance Strap
  • Classic Outdoor Design
  • Chronograph Measures Up To 30 Minutes


We have tried our every effort to take survey and public opinion, make measures to analyze the survey results, test the indicated products and then prepare the list. But still, your need and preferences might look out for any of these watches.

The Casio Triple Sensor hiking watch is the only watch available at low rates and possessing all the features of altimeter,  barometer, compass and thermometer. It is rather impossible to find a better product at this price. The Casio 100MB G Shock is the most resistant and shock proof watch in this list. The Rescue series is also an amazing option for you.

Be confident with your needs and preferences and select the watch that is most suitable for you and your journey.

Happy hiking!

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