Peavey Guitar Electronics Rockmaster Guitar Stage Pack Review

Peavey’s Guitar: Since 1965, Peavey is familiar with fabricating some top of the varieties of musical equipment, principally guitar amplifiers. With their Rockmaster Guitar Stage Pack, Peavey Guitar delivers a suitable combo together with an amp, electric guitar, and fittings for a reasonable budget price.

​Peavey Guitar Electronics Rockmaster Guitar Stage Pack Review

Peavey Guitar Electronics Rockmaster Guitar Stage

Peavey Guitar Electronics Rockmaster Guitar Stage


The Peavey manufactured guitar in this suite looks very pleasant. With a solid basswood body, it’s all black, smooth, double cutaway Peavey Guitar. There’s decent access to the bolt-on maple neckline, which has white dot inlays, with a rosewood fretboard and 21 frets. Design Finish has the headstock, which is a 6-in-line trademarked with the Peavey logo.

Only one humbucker exists on this guitar, and this is a stock Peavey pickup situated at the bridge position. Therefore, apart from a master volume and master tone control knob, it does not look much versatile. However the humbucker is decent for rock styles, and it works well with partisan sounds. As there is no whammy bar, the bridge is adaptable but static. However, it means that the tuning consistency is very good. In all, while it may not bring the most diverse sounds, it’s fairly a solid match for learners to experiment with.


The package comes with a congregation of accessories, so it’s very appropriate. In the package, there are a digital tuner, lead, a strap, spare strings, plectrums, as well as an award-winning instructional DVD. Unfortunately, for Peavey Guitar, there’s no bag at a price. However, considering the superiority of bags in these packs, it’s not a big deal. Even though you miss the bag, it compensates with a guitar stand, which is a good addition which is a better substitute for leaving it on the sofa if you want to sit on.

Peavey Guitar Electronics Rockmaster Guitar Stage

Peavey Guitar Electronics Rockmaster Guitar Stage


When compared to other similar products at this price tag, the amp may disappoint you a bit the way it appears. It’s a Peavey Guitar GT-5, so the shape’s value is pretty solid and it appears decent, but at 5 watts it’s very quiet. Certainly, this ​Electric Guitar does not match the stage performances. Best suits for learning, practicing and to play in the bedroom if you love humming.

There are clean and overdrive channels with a button to select between them. Also, it has an individual overdrive, volume, and tone control. However, It is not a bad sound, fairly pure and plenty grit for those rock tunes. For a silent practicing, Peavey offers a headphone jack. Further, it offers an input for an MP3 player so that you can play along to your favorite tunes.


There are no big issues with the guitar in this package. Whereas it is not that versatile, but for practicing it’s not bad at all and is fairly well built. The amp lets it down a little. In spite of Peavey, it’s slighter than your expectation, and the volume is not that much encouraging. The accessories are decent, but the strap and lead aren’t predominantly consistent, though the stand and the DVD help even the deal. All in all, this is a nice learners’ kit for those who need something diverse to a Strat style guitar.


  • A good budget price.
  • Convenient, with lots of accessories.
  • A good looking guitar.
  • Comes with a stand and instructional DVD.


  • For a Peavey amp, it’s a little disappointing.
  • No real versatility with the single humbucker.
  • The strap and lead aren’t great.
  • There’s no case.

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